Services Offered at Carpenter Bros

You'll find a variety of services offered at Carpenter Bros Hardware in Ann Arbor. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call directly at (734) 663-2111. We'd love to help you find what you need!

Key Cutting

A second or third set of keys is great to have in case you have lost, broken or just worn out the original. Carpenter Bros Hardware provides re-keying services for residential and business applications on a variety of lock types and have a large selection of key blanks with the equipment to cut your keys. Replacing a transponder key is not as easy as replacing a conventional key, since transponder keys contain electronics that only match your vehicle. Having this type of key cut, also involves programming the transponder. Carpenter Bros Hardware has the proper equipment and trained staff to cut and test your new key.

Screen Repair

Carpenter Bros Hardware can repair many types of window & door screens in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our knowledgeable team is also trained to help our customers install their new screens into their existing door or window frames. Carpenter Bros Hardware is the best place in Ann Arbor for door and window screen repair, stop by today and let our associates know how we can help!


Get your propane without the wait get your tank exchanged here at Carpenter Bros Hardware. You'll always find convenience and quick service at Carpenter Bros Hardware in Ann Arbor Michigan!

Glass Cutting

At Carpenter Bros Hardware in Ann Arbor, Michigan we offer glass cutting and plexiglass cutting to serve our customers. We'll cut a variety of glass types to the size specifications you needs, whether it's for windows, mirrors, plate glass or more. Stop by Carpenter Bros Hardware today and let us know how we can help with your glass cutting needs.

Pipe Threading

Here at Carpenter Bros Hardware, we're proud to carry a variety of plumbing supplies and the knowledge to help our customers repair broken or damaged pipe. Carpenter Bros Hardware is the best place in Ann Arbor to get your piping cut and pipe threaded! Bring it on in and we'll help you get your piping cut and threaded if needed!

Tool Sharpening

Is your chainsaw blade beginning to dull and wear down? We can sharpen your chains or blades so you can get the most out of your tools. Carpenter Bros Hardware is the best place for chainsaw chain sharpening and tool sharpening in Ann Arbor Michigan. Our knowledgeable team can sharpen just about everything. From kitchen knives to chainsaw chains, our team at Carpenter Bros Hardware is here to help! Let us make your tools feel brand new with our tool sharpening services!

Small Engine Repair

Your tools and equipment require servicing and repairing just like your vehicle. Carpenter Bros Hardware is here to help by offering small engine repair in Ann Arbor. Our team can work on a variety of tools and equipment, from lawn mowers to snow blowers, Carpenter Bros Hardware can help your equipment stay in top shape with our small engine repair service!

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Carpenter Bros Hardware is the best place for a variety of services such as key cutting, screen and window repair, propane refill, glass cutting, pipe threading, tool sharpening, small engine repair and lawn mower repair for homeowners in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well as Washtenaw County. Here are Carpenter Bros Hardware, we're proud to provide excellent customer service, top of the line services and great product selection to the surrounding communities of University of MichiganYpsilantiPittsfieldScioSuperior, and Northfield. Stop by today or give us a call for more information at 734-663-2111!